About Me

All About Me!

My name is Danielle. I have lots of friends!(see below pluse more) I love aniamls and I want to be a vet when I grow up. I love to ski. My dad and I always take trips out to Colorado to ski.

My Friends!

Hola to all the friends
Daniela: Love your tipping swing set! also fighting with your brother and fetching the ball in the pool!!

Randi L.: I loves all the times we went up to school and spent the night with Hannah Kim!

Alex: I am realy glad we have all our cour classes together and both got in to callenged math!!!!!!

Laura: That was so much fun sleeping over at you house for a few days! Tell your parents I am smart!! I like softball! Watch the hoes

Suzanne: I hate that look you give me! LOL and when you slept over at my house that was a balst!

Molly: I like babysiting with you and you have a hard chest!(inside joke)

Cassandra: I had fun sleeping over and making earing and candles!

Step-han-ie W. That is a good way to spell your name and you are good at flute but i am better!

Stephanie A. Thank you for the string chesse every day it is really tasty!

Andy: Ur wierd (laura's bf)

Karen: three words for you missing the bus

Amanda: I like siting next to you in Skills and all those times we went to six flages that was great.

Lauren: All the fights we had you are still a good friend!

Allison: I am better that you are Spanish! j\k

Shannon: You have a bump in you hair! you are a China person

Jordan: I liked going to the Backstreet boys concert!

Soyon: I think i spelled you name wrong oh well you a great flute palyer!

Mary: You stole my screen name! j\k

Daniel: WIERD!!!!!!!!!

Alex (boy):You are SOOOOO wierd.

Scott: (boyfriend) Ur a hottie UR GREAT


Hair: Brown (laura fake blond!)

Eyes: natural blue

Hobbies: I love softball and skiing (swimming)!!!

color: red white and blue
food: pasta
aniaml: dog
chip: Cool Ranch
soda: Coke

My animals: Tommy(dog) Doogie (dog) Gobbles(fish) Snowy(bird) Rocky(hamster) and Randi's fish